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communiqués de presse

Mobilize accelerates its development for sustainable and responsible mobility

VIVA Technology
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Work with all parties involved in mobility to improve the quality of life for all – that is the mission Mobilize upholds and promotes during VIVA Technology, with services and solutions in mobility and energy, and through strong partnerships. 

  • Smart Territories: Launch of a project with Île d’Yeu island (France), Qovoltis, and Enedis to accompany the island with its local energy transition program. 
  • 2nd Life Battery: Industrial partnership with the German start-up betteries AMPS GmbH for the manufacturing of mobile, modular, and multi-purpose energy storage systems. 
  • Mobility Services: DUO, BENTO, HIPPO… the future vehicles designed by Mobilize for car-sharing and last-mile delivery services now have names. 
  • Harmonization of Mobilize services: Zity becomes ‘Zity by Mobilize’, Renault Mobility becomes ‘Mobilize Share’, and Elexent solutions become ‘Mobilize Power Solutions’ 

Le 16 June 2021

Future mobility must be smart, greener, better shared, and more accessible, by all and for all, everywhere in a more sustainable world. 

Mobilize goes beyond automotive and promotes an ecological transition through flexible, sustainable, use-oriented mobility and energy solutions.  

Facilitate EV uptake, enable better energy management, give batteries a second life and recycle them, offer meaningful and accessible mobility services, design vehicles for specific uses, develop cutting-edge software platforms… therein lies the whole value chain that Mobilize is showcasing at VivaTech.  

Issues relating to mobility and energy transition are at the heart of concerns shared by consumers, businesses, cities, and territories. Mobilize's ambition, through its fully integrated and comprehensive offer, is to make a more sustainable world by providing mobility services, as well as services related to energy and data. Building on partner ecosystems that are complementary to our own, we want to provide concrete solutions to promote ecological transition and develop more accessible mobility for people and goods, especially in complex and congested urban environments, says Clotilde Delbos, CEO of Mobilize. 

Supporting territories in their energy transition 

To contribute to a more sustainable future, Mobilize provides mobility solutions and services that complement the traditional car-buying scheme, promotes greater asset utilization through the circular and sharing economy, and designs smart charging and energy storage solutions. 

Mobilize thus addresses concrete issues with a set of solutions that can be integrated into Smart Islands or other smart territories to help them achieve carbon neutrality.  

Mobilize has entered into a partnership with Île d’Yeu island Town Hall, Enedis, and Qovoltis, to support the island as it embarks on its energy transition journey. This project is a collaborative approach with the local government and other project partners, and aims to provide tailored advice and adapted solutions that fall under three main themes:  

  • Accelerate EV conversion rates on the island; 
  • Assess the needs in terms of innovative charging infrastructure and develop an adapted roll-out plan;  
  • Integrate electric mobility into the island’s overall energy transition (optimize use of solar energy across the local energy networks through electric vehicles: V2G, stationary storage, etc.). 

This ambitious project demonstrates Mobilize's ability to help local communities achieve their carbon neutrality goals through a collaborative approach. 

Renault Group is a pioneer in the development of 'Smart Island' projects with the launch, as of 2018, of an initiative in Porto Santo, recognized by WWF as capable of supporting the territory's achievement of carbon neutrality within 10 years. 

Design and industrialize innovative energy storage solutions to extend the life of EV batteries

Even after they are no longer suitable for automotive use, EV batteries are still valuable. After their 1st life in vehicles and before being recycled, EV batteries can provide energy for multiple applications.  

Mobilize has reached an agreement with ‘betteries’ – a German start-up heavily involved in the circular economy – to develop and assemble a mobile, modular, multi-purpose energy system that is made up of EV battery modules. 

Easily transportable, the system incorporates one to four 2.3 kWh units (betterPacks). As such, it can reach a maximum capacity of 9.2 kWh, which is roughly the same as the average daily consumption of a household. It offers the added advantage of being emissions-free and silent and paves the way for transportable power generators to develop into clean and mobile electricity outlet units.  

The system has many uses and applications when connection to the grid is impossible: construction sites, food trucks, solar energy storage, film shoots and events, or even on small electric boats… 

The manufacturing of this innovative storage system will begin in September 2021 at the Renault Group's Re-Factory in Flins. 

Provide shared mobility services with dedicated vehicles

Mobilize presents three, all-electric mobility solutions for the transport of people and goods: these ‘tailor-made’ vehicles are designed around user experience and services. 

Innovative designs, innovative marketing strategy: vehicles designed by Mobilize are not for sale! Users will only pay for what they use, based on time or mileage. 

  • Mobilize DUO is the name given to the vehicle that will be available for shared mobility. 
    • The two-seater Mobilize DUO is an all-electric, compact and connected vehicle. 
    • Designed with car-sharing services in mind, Mobilize DUO is a shared mobility solution adapted to the needs of cities and operators. 
    • Built according to the principles of the circular economy, Mobilize DUO aims to incorporate 50% recycled materials in its manufacturing and be 95% recyclable when it reaches the end of its life cycle, thanks to the Renault Group Re-Factory in Flins.   
  • Mobilize BENTO is the name given to the vehicle that will be proposed for the delivery or transportation of small-sized goods 
    • The design of the all-electric Mobilize BENTO is based on the Mobilize DUO. 
    • Its storage area is designed with small-goods transport in mind, with a total volume that can reach 1m3
    • A compact design, the Mobilize BENTO is an easy-access, easy-to-park solution for tradesmen and couriers working in urban environments.  
  • Mobilize HIPPO is the name given to the modular vehicle that will be proposed for last-mile delivery. 
    • Mobilize HIPPO is a lightweight, all-electric, utility vehicle designed to address issues faced by delivery providers in urban, peri-urban, and zero-emission zones. 
    • Modular by design, Mobilize HIPPO features several interchangeable cargo modules that meet the range of needs of its users (refrigerated transport, parcel delivery, etc.), with a storage capacity of 200kg and up to about 3m3

Mobilize branded services

Mobilize has brought together several initiatives and start-ups that operate in mobility and energy ecosystems, some of which now sail under the Mobilize flag: 

  • Zity, Mobilize’s free-floating car-sharing service becomes ‘Zity by Mobilize’. 
    • A joint venture between Renault Group and Ferrovial, Zity by Mobilize has been available in Madrid since 2017, and in Paris and the Greater-Paris region since 2020. 
    • Zity by Mobilize represents 1,250 electric vehicles (750 in Madrid and 500 in Paris) and more than 430,000 customers.  
    • The roll-out of Zity by Mobilize is set to extend to other cities over the course of 2021. 
  • Renault Mobility, Mobilize’s agency-based and self-service rental service, will become ‘Mobilize Share’. 
    • Mobilize Share offers a wide range of Renault vehicles for hire (city, saloon, family, utility, etc.), including a selection of electric vehicles to meet the needs of personal-use and commercial drivers.  Agency rentals range from 1 day to 1 month and, for one-off needs, and Mobilize Share also offers 24/7 hourly rentals for self-service vehicle hire. 
    • Mobilize Share is already quite present in Europe with a fleet of 15,000 vehicles (including 4,000 electric vehicles) and more than one million customers.  
    • June 2021 will see the launch of Mobilize Share’s first all-electric car-sharing offer in Italy, in Bergamo and four of its 4 neighbouring municipalities. 
  • Elexent solutions for EV fleet charging becomes ‘Mobilize Power Solutions’. 
    • From consulting to design, installation, and operation of charging stations, Mobilize Power Solutions offers tailor-made, turnkey solutions that cover all the needs of its business customers. 
    • Mobilize Power Solutions is a true partner for its customers and aims to optimize their fleet TCO while also helping them grow business. 
    • Mobilize Power Solutions also incorporates energy optimization and renewable energy strategies in its offers. 
    • Mobilize Power Solutions is now operational in 11 countries across Europe. 

Relying on partner ecosystems  

Many customers, individuals and professionals, but also territories, are now looking for flexible, sustainable and clean mobility solutions.  

Mobilize's ambition is to accompany the transformation of the automotive sector and to rely on ecosystems of complementary partners. “Mobilité360” is a perfect illustration of this approach. The project brings together major players in mobility - BlaBlaCar, Mobilize, the RATP group and Uber - around a common vision of tomorrow's mobility.  Together, these different mobility leaders intend to use their complementary expertise and have a coordinated approach to offer simpler, greener, sustainable and shared mobility solutions for cities and citizens. 

A brand, a mission… to better serve as many people as possible 

Beyond automotive, Mobilize offers solutions and services in mobility, energy, and data, and promotes a sustainable energy ecosystem that meets the expectations of consumers, businesses, operators, and territories. 


Mobilize accelerates its development for sustainable and responsible mobility

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Mobilize Press Office

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Petra Le Luel

Mobilize Communications

Mobilize manages mobility, energy, and data services. It is part of Renault Group. Built around open ecosystems, Mobilize provides flexible mobility solutions and promotes a transition towards sustainable energy solutions, as outlined in Renault Group's goal of achieving carbon neutrality and fostering growth within the circular economy. 


Mobilize accelerates its development for sustainable and responsible mobility
Mobilize accelerates its development for sustainable and responsible mobility

Mobilize manages mobility, energy, and data services. It is part of Renault Group. Built around open ecosystems, Mobilize provides flexible mobility solutions and promotes a transition towards sustainable energy solutions, as outlined in Renault Group's goal of achieving carbon neutrality and fostering growth within the circular economy.