communiqués de presse
communiqués de presse

Mobilize, beyond automotive

Mobilize, the Renault Group brand dedicated to new mobility, offers a wide range of services around the vehicle thanks to an integrated technological platform: financing, insurance, payments, fleet management, energy, maintenance and refurbishing. Built around open ecosystems, Mobilize encourages a sustainable energy transition, in line with Renault Group's goal of achieving carbon neutrality in Europe by 2040, and its ambition to develop the value from the circular economy.

Le 01 December 2021

Flexible mobility solutions

With a unique combination of hardware and software, purpose-designed vehicles and services in open ecosystems, Mobilize offers flexible mobility solutions for people and goods, adapted to the evolving expectations of customers, companies and cities. It addresses concrete issues by providing solutions that are complementary to the traditional scheme of buying a car.

Heading towards carbon neutrality

Mobilize redefines the links between mobility and energy, and puts technology at the service of intelligent solutions. Mobilize invests in the development of electric mobility, smart charging and energy storage based on electric vehicle batteries. In this way, Mobilize encourages electromobility and contributes to the achievement of the Renault Group's carbon neutrality.

Furthermore, the circular economy is at the heart of the brand and Mobilize is leveraging Renault Group's recognised expertise in terms of EV batteries lifetime management. The Re-Factory in Flins, will serve as the main “backbone”  for the maintenance and recycling of vehicles and batteries. Mobilize will thus contribute to extending the life cycle of vehicles.

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